Photos of The Domaine de Boncourt


View photos of Domaine de Boncourt’s entire area, the mansion, and the other structures.

The House

A 1,200 square meter mansion located in Domaine de Boncourt. Includes eleven rooms with a bathroom and a spacious library.

Domaine de Boncourt : indoor

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The Cédraie

A three-story structure with two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen . The Cédraie also includes a wine cellar and a large garage.

The Porterie

The Porterie, offering over 270-square meters of space, was built with three levels. The first part of the house has been converted into an apartment with a living room-kitchen, bedroom. and bathroom. The other part may be converted into another apartment or an office.

The Orangerie and The Rotonde

The Orangerie offers 49 square meters of open space and allows residents to organize outdoor dinners, thanks to the kitchen in the Rotonde, near The Orangerie . The Orangerie is also ideal for relaxing moments in the beautiful surrounding nature offered by the Domaine de Boncourt.

The Bergerie

The Bergerie, which measures 278 square meters was built in 2000 to create a storage space on two levels.

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